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ES821 - 4G Large battery - New

ES821 is a 4G (Cat.M1&NB-IOT) waterproof GPS asset tracker. Carefully designed for long battery life, it can last 5 years (one report per day) with 7800mAh battery. Embedded with magnets, it can easily attach to vehicle, trailer, container for asset tracking. It will wake up for reporting location information when it senses moving of the asset and power down itself when it is stationary. It supports TCP/UDP and HTTP for reporting location information. ES821 will automatically switch to cell-ID based location reporting whenever GPS is not available.

  • Features
  • Parameters

Main Functions

● Tracking

● 3-Axis Accelerometer

● Message Storage

● Moving Wakeup

● Power Saving Mode

● Battery Low Warning

● Flexible Battery Selection

● Drop Alarm

● Cell-ID Based Location

● OTA (Over the Air)

● Waterproof Case


ES821 datasheet(en).pdf